Tips for Making Your Remodel Less of a Mess

Tips for Making Your Remodel Less of a Mess

Kitchen Remodels and Bathroom Remodels can make a dirty job after work is done. Here are some tips for making your remodel less of a Mess.

Remodeling projects can cause quite a mess in your home. No matter how careful you are, dust, paint, and debris always seem to get everywhere. Always keep your tools organized. If you are planning some remodels and are worried about the resulting clean-up, here are some tips to help you make your next remodel less of a mess.

Invest in Furniture Covers

Covering up items that you don’t want to get dirty is one way to reduce the amount of clean-up you have to do afterward. Old sheets or even thin plastic painting tarps can serve for this purpose. When you do remove them, do so in a controlled manner. Carefully grab the edges and fold them in toward the middle. Keep folding them until the mess is completely wrapped into the tarp. Take the tarp outside so you can keep your workspace cleaner.

Contain the Mess

Use plastic sheets to seal off your renovation area. Place them over doorways and other areas that you don’t want debris to enter. Use tape that is safe on paint to completely seal the edges or to plant a plastic walkway on carpet or wood floors This can also serve as a reminder that you don’t want to enter these rooms until you’ve had a chance to clean the work area. You don’t want to track your renovation all over the rest of your home. If there are air vents in the area, consider using the plastic to cover them up. This can prevent the dust from entering your furnace and being spread around your home.

Haul as You Go

Haul out large pieces of debris as you go. This will prevent the work space from becoming too cluttered. Having a cluttered work area can lead to even larger messes. Take a little bit of time to haul out debris and other things during the process. Clean up the larger messes several times over the course of your daily project. Consider having one person do this from time to time while they have some downtime. This will make it easier to clean up once you’ve had enough for the day.

Perform Daily Cleanings

Clean your work area thoroughly every day. Use a wet dry vacuum system if you’re doing a kitchen remodel with hard wood or linoleum floors. This can help to keep the area sanitary enough to continue to prepare your meals. Remove all debris and put the tools and supplies somewhere out of the way. When you get back to your project, you don’t want to waste time cleaning or looking for your tools.

Remodeling is a messy business. Stay on top of it to make it less messy!